Futon Frames With Mattresses and Covers

A futon is a versatile element in any room that gives you extra sleeping space as well as extra sitting room for guests. The convertible bed and sofa allows you to host guests overnight and make a spare bedroom when needed. NY Furniture & Futons provides a wide range of futon frames, mattresses and futons with covers, so you can arrange a comfortable and versatile space.

Unlike pull-out sofas, futons easily and effortlessly convert into a bed. They are lighter than sleeper sofas and easier to move, so they can easily be transitioned from any room. Futon frames are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and styles and futon mattresses include a range of thicknesses and materials. With a sturdy frame and a high-quality mattress, your futon will be as comfortable as a regular bed and guests will love coming over to visit.

Find futon frames, futon mattresses and futons with covers for your living room, extra bedroom, basement or another space. Order yours at NY Furniture & Futons and find everything you need to make a comfortable and elegant space.